Sunday, October 27, 2013


6oct 0036oct 010

Got some free tickets to Mercy Me from Praise 106.5 … AWESOME!

10oct 00711oct 002

Pumpkins & Apples – a great season for fruits & veggies…

11oct 00813oct 009

Ryan – box night…Nate really enjoyed chasing his sister around…

19oct 00819oct 005-1

Vandenberg cousin gathering – the boys listening to coach during the playoffs. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

August & September Combo

12aug 0013aug 007
On our way down to Belfair – our yearly Norman Reunion spot – we stopped by Cabelas…and hung out with Pastor John & Willy in Salem!
3aug 010
Okay, Oregon is not on the way to Belfair, WA – but it was close enough – great to catch these two before heading back north.
6aug 0466aug 123
Once in Belfair – the usual occurred:  mussel search & splashing!
6aug 1346aug 176
Had to get all the cousins – and the whole gang for family fotos.
6aug 013-116aug 002
Then the Richerts came north and hung with us – we enjoyed our newest nephew/cousin:  Jack!  Went to the NW WA Fair…
16aug 01616aug 023
Kaleigh got to work with a tall cowgirl…whilst we got massages.
27aug 0016sept 001
School starts – Allison to LC & the rest of the kiddos in LA.
6sept 01215sept 028
Soccer season is in full gear – for K and A…and the boys as well.
15sept 01115sept 018
September is birthday month – first Ryan – the teenager!
24-26sept 01428sept 001
Then Amy…my young wife.  Smile  N wanted to wear my shoes & hat.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

June & July Combo

So, I have fallen a bit behind on my blog – it’s been such nice weather, what can one do?
11june 028   11june 031
Great to visit with the Steigers when they “swung in” from Iowa.
12june 005   15june 003-1
Visitors from Alberta & Ethiopia too.  Great times!
25june 00325june 013
Celebrating Oma’s 94th birthday…even Nate gave Great Oma a kiss.
29june 00329june 015
Oma’s birthday (age not to be revealed) – celebrating at Cora’s.
30june 00730june 016
Summer fun has begun – a visit to the Loewen’s & Amy drinking POP!
3july2 001     4july 006
Lots of barbequing and popsicles – someone really likes popsicles…
4july 0134july 068
Thanks to some friends of the Haans, we had our first fireworks experience on the 4th of July.  Usually, I avoid them like the plague.
15july 00115july 01515july 01815july 021
First time to Mount Baker in early July.  Fun to enjoy the snow yet be nice and warm from the summer sun. 
26july 05526july 05926july 02526july 029
So fun to see the kids enjoy our endless days of sun…fun times!
26july 01426july 001
Our little guy was lots of fun during the day (let’s not talk about nights). 
26july 00926julyb 002
Celebrated 16 years of marriage…
27july 010     27july 012
Picked a few blueberries – early this year.  And our figaro boys…
27july 03227july 03427july 035
Happy Birthday, Brendan!
30july 04530july 05030july 115
A final hoorah before August – our Life Group day at the Lake.